Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sweet Dreams

(In light of Mother's Day, I'd like to share a poem I wrote in 2009. The ideas had swirled around my head for sometime and I finally put them on paper.  Happy Mother's Day, You are a super star in the heart of your child.)

At 5 I dreamed of acting on the world's finest stage
The bug of fame had bit me-
I had to escape its rage...
At 10 I thought of flying,
high above the earth,
Feeling all the strength of engines
propel me to self worth.
At 12 my voice had blossomed into sweet melodies
begging my soul to follow the lights
My name, blazing in the city.
14 was all about surviving,
living within my means.
Looking back-I left my daydreams,
when I left my teens.
All the roads less traveled
seemed to pave their way
Across a million wishes to
where I am today...
This morning I led some
children in a school-time play,
helped mold some airplanes,
boyhood dreams, and clay.
Giving new propulsion
to some youthful plan,
Crafting tools for success for
a young woman and little man.
All these dreams from up above
come into fullness each night;
When I sing to my children
In the glow of the soft moonlight.
Tucking all those dreams in bed,
Bowing one last time-
Over crib-rail and toddler bed
In their hearts I shine.
My name in lights inside their souls,
It glistens in their sleep.
Mommy is the hero who holds
them when they weep.
Washes away sorrows, she makes long
All my childish wishes would never have paid the same...
Dividends in kisses will always outlast fame.
-Melissa Pyle
2009/ revised 5/13/2017

My babies, when they were little.  Pure sweetness!

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