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What's That Smell?

On occasion I've entered the house after being gone for several long hours and wow, it hits me!  A Smell!  Not just any smell, but a smell you know must be found and immediately eliminated.  The smell that is normally the cause of the sensory disgust: the kitchen garbage can.  It's full and needs to be taken out.  Taken out and destroyed! That is always the logical response to a stinky trash can, but what if I decided that no, it's not the trash?  Instead I blamed it on the neighbor, the weather, the furniture, well, fill in the blank.  That sounds crazy, but that's exactly what we do emotionally when it comes to hanging onto all the garbage that has been dumped on us by other people.
If you were to carry around an emotional garbage bag and collect all the stinky and vile things that are done or said to you, you would most likely have a full bag.  Let's face it, this is life.  It starts to stink fairly early when it comes to collecting the verbal vomit hurled towar…

The Super Sense

I've heard it said that people who have lived in the wilderness can detect the slightest sounds and notice animal tracks that any well read, city dweller would overlook, even if it were right in front of them.  This super power of sorts isn't something that is unique to the individuals who live and dwell so close to nature, it is an attribute that we could all fine tune if we needed to.  We just don't need to, or so we think. 
This ability to refine our senses is intriguing to me.  We can walk through this over stuffed world, gluttons of information, just eating the scraps and still walk away full.  Full of fear, anger, worry, frustration, confusion, the list is endless.  The list is only intensified by our self centered human hearts.
We walk through trials, storms, daily routines, but we never stop to listen.  Listen in this forest of life.
When we stop to listen we will begin to hear things that will transform our daily living.
In Judges 5, Deborah is the woman who is s…

Kiss my cheek,
Caress my hair
I don't even see you there;
Bringing me sweets from fruited plains
And fresh sliced scents from fields of grains
You've entertained with whisking leaves
That danced in the streets
like puppets, Bare
no marionette, only air
You've wrapped me in your warm embrace
And made my mind, adventures chase
Twist around again to say goodbye
Touch my face, tangle my hair
Make me feel I have no cares
Rest, in your uncharted pace
You, the soft reflection of the Creator's grace.

-Melissa Pyle