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Newly Seasoned Life

Here we are, once again, standing on the edge of the calendar, peering into the future, with child like anticipation. Most will celebrate in some way, whether with loved ones at home or with multitudes at parties and street celebrations. Either location may still spontaneously ring out with the old acquaintances being forgotten line of a new year's song, strange, but fitting. As usual, something completely unique comes to my mind. The one image that continues to impact me most is salt, a giant pillar of salt to be exact.    We fool ourselves into thinking that moving forward into the new year somehow allows us to magically lose the chains that hold us to what ever may be behind. I keep remembering the unique story found in Genesis of Lot's wife. After God had patiently and graciously given many opportunities for repentance and promised Abraham to spare the city if He could find just 10 righteous people in Sodom, angels were sent to rescue Lot's family (Genesis 19). Abra…

At The Cross-Roads

Returning home from a recent trip we were traveling a stretch of highway that is very familiar to me, but I still look out my window wondering what new things may have been added as side show entertainment.  A few hours into the trip we came upon a spot I always remember, the place of the giant cross.  This is just one of two enormous crosses, but this one is the most memorable because of where it stands or maybe because of what stands next to it.  Right under the shadow of this cross is an adult entertainment store, decorated with a large XXX sign.  It always makes me wonder, which one came first-the cross or the triple X store?. 
  What an ironic question.  Not only in physical location, but in theory. Many religious legalist will drive by and think, "how disgusting, they should have to move the store".  Others offended by the cross might think, "how ridiculous, the cross should not be allowed to put guilt on the patrons of the store, it should be moved".  As…

PB & J

From the time I began school, my mother packed my lunch, made with love, and the finest of culinary dishes: The peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The internationally known, "child" sandwich.  This was my sandwich of choice probably until I was a Jr. or Sr. in high school.  Then and only then did I decide this was below my level of sophisticaition and went to the upper crust of the lunch menu and began carrying the lunch meat sandwich.  Wow, what a way to go out into the wild unknown, right?
Years passed before I decided to taste the pb&j again.  I could just think of that sandwich and know what each bite would taste like, so why go back to it?  Of course, the late night munchies came calling and nothing else would satisfy, but the pb&j with a glass of cold milk.  I would like to think my current sandwich was an improvement from the old one, by laying on the peanut butter nice and thick and then using the homemade strawberry jelly I had made...I was right.  It was fa…

Down Here in the Dark

Early morning, I mean really early, when the darkness has set in so thick you can almost feel it, Molly, my 4 year old Border Collie whined enough to wake me up to let her out.  This particular morning the moon wasn't very bright and it was that "darkest hour before dawn".  Even with the porch light shining,  I couldn't make out her figure up against the thick cloak of night.    Normally, I stand inside the storm dorm and watch for her, but this morning was different.  I wanted to stand outside and breathe the cool fall air.
  We had just returned from a long drive to Kentucky where I went to honor the life of a life long best friend. 
A few hours into our trip, still numb from the news that she was gone, I received a frantic phone call from my daughter telling me that our son had fallen in my mom's bathroom and had just had another grandmal seizure.  Driving, hours from home, I was helpless.  Knowing that my turning around would be of no help and that he wou…