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The Silver Anniversary Surprise

I awoke this morning with an image in my head.  Not the usual,"I just woke up and the last crazy dream I had is still simmering in my mind" kind of image, but a real memory.  A memory posted on my brain's home page as if it were a notification, "on this day 25 years ago you were...".  A mental picture that still has enough life left in it to play like a favorite film. So I let it play. 
It was me, just after a haircut, stopping by to see my best friend at her after school job at the church daycare.  I was walking to the door, fully anticipating her excitement over my new hairstyle. A brazen one at that.  A girl like me, known for her massive amount of thick, brown hair didn't just make drastic changes and not share it with her friend.  So there I was,  walking the hall leading to the room where she was working, I walked in, head held high, heart pounding, and I smiled.  Still wearing my sunglasses to keep my identity an even deeper mystery.
 "Can I ple…

Words Mean Things...

I love words!  I love to talk, I love to read, I love to see the words of someone acted out on stage or sang in a melody...Words mean things! That sounds simple enough, right?  I tell my writing students this simple statement at the beginning of the year and then have them write an essay on some words that changed the world.  That sounds so ridiculously obvious, but is it? Do we stop  to think about how the major events of all human history have been shaped by something someone created in their brain and spoke with their smallest, yet most uncontrollable member: the tongue?
 As I was reading THE WORD this morning I read over a familiar passage, but I was prompted to see it in a new light.  Hebrews 11:3, "By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible."
 There it is:creation, life, words!
God created the universe out of His words.  John 1 speaks of Christ in the following manner: In …

In thinking and praying about what my first post of the year should be I began recounting the events of 2015.  Struggles, of course, surfaced before the blessings passed through my mind.  Waking up from surgery with, "it was cancer", having a son turn 17 and your heart aches for him to drive, but more importantly to function like his peers, but he is still having seizures.  Friends hurting...the list can go on.  The good list pops up too:  Vacations, family laughter, 20th anniversary milestone.  The ups and downs that we surf over throughout a year can be adventurous, yet exhausting.  Then my heart heard these words:  God is not my dog.  Seemingly random, right?
 Over the years many people have shared little quips about how God spelled backwards is dog because God loves dogs or because dogs are man's best friend and they love without measure.  Outwardly, I'd say that seems a little irreverent, but in my heart-Suddenly,  I am convicted.  Convicted to the point o…