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The Silver Anniversary Surprise

I awoke this morning with an image in my head.  Not the usual,"I just woke up and the last crazy dream I had is still simmering in my mind" kind of image, but a real memory.  A memory posted on my brain's home page as if it were a notification, "on this day 25 years ago you were...".  A mental picture that still has enough life left in it to play like a favorite film. So I let it play. 
It was me, just after a haircut, stopping by to see my best friend at her after school job at the church daycare.  I was walking to the door, fully anticipating her excitement over my new hairstyle. A brazen one at that.  A girl like me, known for her massive amount of thick, brown hair didn't just make drastic changes and not share it with her friend.  So there I was,  walking the hall leading to the room where she was working, I walked in, head held high, heart pounding, and I smiled.  Still wearing my sunglasses to keep my identity an even deeper mystery.
 "Can I ple…