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PB & J

From the time I began school, my mother packed my lunch, made with love, and the finest of culinary dishes: The peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The internationally known, "child" sandwich.  This was my sandwich of choice probably until I was a Jr. or Sr. in high school.  Then and only then did I decide this was below my level of sophisticaition and went to the upper crust of the lunch menu and began carrying the lunch meat sandwich.  Wow, what a way to go out into the wild unknown, right?
Years passed before I decided to taste the pb&j again.  I could just think of that sandwich and know what each bite would taste like, so why go back to it?  Of course, the late night munchies came calling and nothing else would satisfy, but the pb&j with a glass of cold milk.  I would like to think my current sandwich was an improvement from the old one, by laying on the peanut butter nice and thick and then using the homemade strawberry jelly I had made...I was right.  It was fa…