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Showing posts from January, 2016

In thinking and praying about what my first post of the year should be I began recounting the events of 2015.  Struggles, of course, surfaced before the blessings passed through my mind.  Waking up from surgery with, "it was cancer", having a son turn 17 and your heart aches for him to drive, but more importantly to function like his peers, but he is still having seizures.  Friends hurting...the list can go on.  The good list pops up too:  Vacations, family laughter, 20th anniversary milestone.  The ups and downs that we surf over throughout a year can be adventurous, yet exhausting.  Then my heart heard these words:  God is not my dog.  Seemingly random, right?
 Over the years many people have shared little quips about how God spelled backwards is dog because God loves dogs or because dogs are man's best friend and they love without measure.  Outwardly, I'd say that seems a little irreverent, but in my heart-Suddenly,  I am convicted.  Convicted to the point o…