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Newly Seasoned Life

Here we are, once again, standing on the edge of the calendar, peering into the future, with child like anticipation. Most will celebrate in some way, whether with loved ones at home or with multitudes at parties and street celebrations. Either location may still spontaneously ring out with the old acquaintances being forgotten line of a new year's song, strange, but fitting. As usual, something completely unique comes to my mind. The one image that continues to impact me most is salt, a giant pillar of salt to be exact.    We fool ourselves into thinking that moving forward into the new year somehow allows us to magically lose the chains that hold us to what ever may be behind. I keep remembering the unique story found in Genesis of Lot's wife. After God had patiently and graciously given many opportunities for repentance and promised Abraham to spare the city if He could find just 10 righteous people in Sodom, angels were sent to rescue Lot's family (Genesis 19). Abra…