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Song of the Sleep Sirens

I was trying to crawl out of bed early this morning and this is what starting sizzling in my head, so I got up and composed...I am pretty sure most of you can relate.  I probably need to do a little bit of editing on this, but I thought it was fun, so enjoy!

Song of the Sleep Sirens
There are legends, from the days of old. Legends from the sea, Legends that the sailors told which capture you and me. Of beauty that surpassed all who walked on land their voices, shrill with hypnotizing song, but cursed with deadly hands. The legend is now closed in book and pirate tale but the ladies of the deep have found a new home in our sleep. At the haze of daylight they awake and sit along dream's edge- between reality and sweet retreat of coverlet and bed. “A few more moments their voices beckon, they will make you feel so well” “But the time!” My conscious cries, but I am paralyzed with song. Sweet lullabies caress my soul and bid me to sleep all morning long. As I drift deeper into restful bliss, my eyes beg…