The Super Sense

I've heard it said that people who have lived in the wilderness can detect the slightest sounds and notice animal tracks that any well read, city dweller would overlook, even if it were right in front of them.  This super power of sorts isn't something that is unique to the individuals who live and dwell so close to nature, it is an attribute that we could all fine tune if we needed to.  We just don't need to, or so we think. 
This ability to refine our senses is intriguing to me.  We can walk through this over stuffed world, gluttons of information, just eating the scraps and still walk away full.  Full of fear, anger, worry, frustration, confusion, the list is endless.  The list is only intensified by our self centered human hearts.
We walk through trials, storms, daily routines, but we never stop to listen.  Listen in this forest of life.
When we stop to listen we will begin to hear things that will transform our daily living.
In Judges 5, Deborah is the woman who is speaking and singing praises to God after He led them to victory.   Deborah, a woman in the Bible that God used to lead.  She is giving God all the honor and praise as she sings before the people and verse 4 jumps out at me: "Lord, when you went out from Seir, when you marched from the field of Edom, The earth quaked, the heavens also dripped, Even the clouds dripped water. (5) The mountains quaked at the presence of the Lord, the God of Israel" (NASB).  What is interesting to me is that she recognizes that God was with them in every step of this seemingly impossible battle.  I wonder how many people told Deborah, "It wasn't God quaking the mountains, it was just an earthquake, we were due for one." or "it always rains this time of year..." NO!  Deborah, knew her God had been there all the time.  Her senses were tuned to every crackling leaf, every footprint in the forest.  She saw God.
You may not be leading an entire physical army against impossible odds today, but you may feel like you are because of your circumstances.  You might just end up sitting in a hospital waiting room.  You might be furious at the traffic that has you bound in a quicksand of metal.  You might be caring for small children and everyday seems so much like the one before.  Don't allow the white noise of life to clog your hearing or you WILL miss HIM!  The creator is waiting for you to just listen.  To just ask.  To just see that He is the same God who led Deborah into battle, who caused the mountains to quake!  He is the same God who came in flesh, walked on water and said, "Lazarus, come forth!"  WE so encapsulate Him in our modern day knowledge that we miss Him and He is right here!  We've read every book, filled our minds with knowledge about Him, but let's listen.  Be still.  Tune your senses to the fact that He isn't distant, He is here.  Call to Him, open His Word, and be ready.  Your senses will be opened to a beautiful world.  This revelation will leave you shocked on how you could have ever missed His presence before.
-Melissa Pyle